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Military Dating Site

Helpful Advice When Dating Someone in the Military Service Dating someone that is in the military service is a really different experience. You have to deal with a lot of things, and the worst thing that could happen is during deployment. When your military partner will be deployed, it is just too difficult to handle. And just like with other long distance relationships, you can only communicate with each other through phone calls and letters. So if you are dating someone in the military, read the following advices to help you cope up with the situation: Keep Yourself Busy Normally, if you don’t have something to do, you tend to think about your partner and you will feel bad about being alone due to the deployment.

So look for something that could make you busy, so you won’t have time to think, because the more you think about it, the more you will worry and cry. Regularly send out letters Of course, we all want to talk with our partners and ask on how they are doing. Unfortunately, we can no longer do that personally since they’re far from us.

The best thing to do in this case is to send out letters. Make them feel that you miss them a lot by regularly checking on them. Tell them how you are doing and make them feel special. Avoid telling them your problems so they will not worry about you. Keep close to friends and family members Your friends and family members are the best persons that could cheer you up during this time of loneliness. It’s really great to have someone that you can hang out with and enjoy company. This will help you to forget about the deployment of your loved one. Join your friends in playing your favorite sports, go shopping, or perhaps just go out for a walk. Do whatever it is that interests you.

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New Dating Website Helps Men Meet Younger Women

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 22, 2014

A new dating website called now helps men who are looking for the companionship of younger women. Many men enjoy dating a younger woman, and they seek to connect with a more youthful partner for friendship and romance. This new online dating site is designed to help them do that. A basic membership on the site is complimentary, and it allows men to quickly meet women who are looking for this type of relationship.

DatingAYoungerWoman is the premiere online dating site for older men who want to meet younger women and spend time with them. The site has profiles available of many women from around the United States, and members can search for women in their area, or based on other criteria. Men who use the site can find the woman of their dreams, someone to reignite the spark of passion in their lives.

Women join the site because they hope to meet charming older men, with more life experiences than men their own age. These younger women are looking for both romance and friendships, and hope to find gentlemen who know how to treat a woman nicely.

Site spokesman Carter said, “We have designed to fill the needs of both mature men and younger women, who desire to connect with each other for dating, friendship, romance and relationships. We are proud of the community that we have created, and feel that this is the best online dating site around for older men dating younger women.”

This dating website offers a complimentary basic membership. This allows members to create their own profile, including a description of themselves, up to twenty-six photographs, and some information about what type of person they are looking for. The basic free membership also lets members do a search of other people’s profiles on the site, save a list of their favorites, and send winks to someone they find attractive. A free membership makes people visible to Gold members as well as other free members. Free members may respond to e-mail messages, but cannot begin an e-mail conversation themselves.

An upgraded Gold membership also allows a person to initiate e-mail conversations with anyone else on the site. The upgraded membership allows more flexible search criteria when looking for people to meet, such as searching by keywords, astrological sign, and other advanced criteria. Additional benefits of the Gold membership level include viewing compatible matches, sending birthday cards, checking reverse matches, and access to additional profile options.


The website is committed to ensuring the privacy of its members, and protecting their personal information. Members can securely contact each other through the site without revealing their own contact information. Both mature men and younger women are invited to join the club and start their search for ageless romance today.

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Activities for Children with Cerebral Palsy


Activity is Important especially for Children with Disabilities

Children with disabilities are at a greater risk for obesity and all the health concerns surrounding it, according to a Fact Sheet released by the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Department of Disability and Human Development College of Applied Health Sciences.

The report states, “Childhood obesity has become an epidemic in the United States over the last generation.  More children are overweight or obese today than ever before and the numbers continue to grow.  Obesity is defined as 20% over the recommended weight for height or greater than 85 percentile for Body Mass Index (BMI).  Childhood obesity is mainly caused by lack of physical activity.”

According to Dr. Stuart Brown President of The National Institute for Play, “Normally we play. When we do not, something has gone very, very wrong, and non-players will suffer a number of effects.”

Dr. Brown goes on to caution that, “Children with special needs are particularly vulnerable and therefore at higher risk of play deprivation.” 

Play deprivation not only denies children all the benefits of play but researchers have now determined that it fosters


· depression

· aggressive behavior

· social isolation

· lowers quality of life

· decreases ability to read social cues

Also there is sometimes a tendency on the part of parents and family to protect and limit physical activities of children with disabilities because of the added risk factor.  However, the University of Illinois Fact Sheet also points out that, “Children with disabilities are at an even great risk for obesity because of their sedentary lifestyles.  Many parents believe that because of their disability, their children cannot be physically active, which is not the truth.  This lack of physical activity may not only lead to obesity, but many other numerous health problems as well.”

Parents need to recognize the benefits of allowing and promoting an active lifestyle for children with disabilities.  Risk is a natural part of life.  Kids play because it is fun, but one of the elements that can make play fun is a little degree of risk.  Riding a bike, or sled or swinging in a swing is a good example of this for a child.  

“Kids climb trees not just for the view, but for the thrill,” adds Ellen Metrick, Chief Toy Evaluator at AblePlay, a website devoted to connecting children with special needs to play opportunities.  “If we stop allowing children to experience risk, we may be stopping something very valuable from happening inside of them.”

Children with cerebral palsy, children with Down syndrome and kids with other physically limiting disabilities need to find creative ways to move, stretch, and push the physical aspects of their life. 

The National Association for Sports and Physical Education has published recommendations for school-aged children which include:

· Getting 1 hour or more of moderate and vigorous physical activity on most or all days

· Participating in several bouts of physical activity of 15 minutes or more each day

· Avoiding periods of inactivity of 2 hours or more

Metrick suggests that parents of children with disabilities look for creative ways to build physical activities into the life of their child. “Fortunately, more and more manufactures are creating products that can accommodate kids with special needs, and parents just need to search them out.”  Some of Metrick’s favorites are trampolines and bikes that have increased stability factors and bar and handles that make balance and navigation easier for a child.


For ideas of physically active play products categorized by disability go to  AblePlay is a website that researches, rates and review toys and play products for children with special needs.  AblePlay is part of the nonprofit National Lekotek Center, the leading authority on play for children with disabilities at

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Views to be sought on Inverness-Nairn A96 upgrade plans

Views to be sought on Inverness-Nairn A96 upgrade plans
Public views are to be sought on options for the dualling of the A96 between Inverness and Nairn, and plans for a bypass at Nairn. The proposals will be displayed at exhibitions in Nairn on 3 October, Auldearn on 6 October and Inverness on 7 October.
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6 extremely weird facts about marriage
They found that tall men tend to marry more educated women, older women and women of the same race, but are more likely to divorce. Among short men, however, the rate of divorce was significantly lower than among average and tall men. Men of shorter …
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Harris and Scalpay pontoons plan moves forward
A proposal to attract more yachts to the isles of Harris and Scalpay has taken a step forward. The team behind a £1.3m project to install new pontoons at Tarbert on Harris and Scalpay have applied for funding from several organisations. These include …
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